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 W98 PC will not boot, unless connected to network Post a Reply  
From: Jonathan on 03/27/2003
Running W98SE. Started using a DSL modem that connects to PC via an enthernet cable. After using this configuration, the machine will not boot up unless connected. I even ran this 1st test, make a boot up attempt, it gets about halfway there, and stalls forever. Connect the cable to the DSL, and it boots up. The modem's phone line can be off line and the PC will boot up, but there is something about MS networking coe and seeing some ethernet packets move to and from another MAC address that allows the boot up process to proceed.

2nd test, instead of DSL I used a hub box, same effect. Using the hub I can get windows to boot up.

3rd test, I formatted my hard drive and re=loaded windows. After the 1st use of the cable modem, it goes back to the same problem. I monitored the boot up process. Indeed, when the Windows networking code is loaded, then the problem occurs.


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