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 Windows ME shutsdown, restarts, sits there whirrin Post a Reply  
From: Darren on 03/25/2003

Windows ME PC, on powering down stays off for a minute, then trys to restart, but beeps once, turns all the keyboard lights on, and then just sits there whirring louder than usual.

On resetting, boots up ok, but keyboard remains locked.


I see from other threads that similar problems have been posted - anyone found a solution to the problem?




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From: Slink on 03/26/2003
You could have a keyboard controller problem or a memory promblem.
Check on POST that the memory is ok and also see if you can remove all memeory and try just one module, at a time to see if you have a defective module. Try another keyboard and if you have USB you could use a usb keyboard if the keyboard controller for the PS2 keyboard is naffed.



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