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 Netscape Problems. Only works on one of my connect Post a Reply  
From: DAVE on 03/23/2003
Windows XP
Netscape 7.02

I connect to the web using dial up
I have four different connections that i use.
Netscape will only work on one of them
On the others it says that i am denied access by a "control list" when i try to connect to a web page.
I have reinstalled the program to no success.

Obviously the connection that works has made it the default for netscape in some way.

Anyone got any ideas how to solve this apparently simple problem.


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From: slink on 03/30/2003
If you want to dial from another connection goto the internet explorer tools menu and select internet options, go to connections and choose which connection you want as your default connection, then choose always dial this connection, save settings then try to connect then...



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