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From: SHODAN_X on 03/17/2003
My problem has only appeared in the last week, but it has already resulted in 2 dead video cards. After installing an MSI tv@nywhere TV tuner & tuner card and running it overnight (late night TV), I woke in the morning and turned off the machine. Turning it back on after a day of rest, I began receiving this error message :
Windows has detected and recovered from a hardware failure. Close all open programs and reboot your system to restore full functionality.
At this point, my display drops from its normal setting of 1280 X 1024, 32bit down to 640 x 480, 8bit. I'll also have multiple mouse cursors and random artfacts around my screen. The TV card was removed after the second occurance (almost got 3rd degree burns it was so hot :<).
Long story short, the ti4200 was replaced with a working mx440 I had in another machine, and same thing happens. Bought new ti4200 8X 128mg, same thing happens.
Put latest card in older machine (had mx440 in), card runs sweet.
Original card (triplex ti4200) is bent and warped from heat of TV tuner card, too scared to test it in old machine.
I think my AGP slot has somehow been damaged by heat, or my system ram may be damaged.
Formatted and re-installed XP twice, goes fine through setup
Has anyone had\seen\witnessed this error message?, and if so, was or is it caused by your videocard or motherboard. Or ram? This error message has no descriptions or clue as to whats causing the failure, making troubleshooting tricky (especially paying by the hour for shop support).And living in a small town in Australia doesn't help much either...:P
My system specs are as follows :

m\board : MSI 645E Max
system RAM : 1gig PC2100 (DDR266)
Video : Triplex ti4200 64mb w\TV out (RIP)
Storage : 1 x 60gb seagate barracuda IV
1 x 15gb western digital
Optical : 1 x sony DRU-500AX dvd+-RW/+-R/CD (awsome DVD re-writer)
Sound : Creative Audigy 2 6.1 THX
Network/Comms : 1 x surecom ethernet
1 x netcomm Mega-i-Modem 56
CPU : Pentium 4, 2.0gig, 400 fsb (NEVER overclocked, same goes for rest of the system)
OS : Windows XP pro, SP1, all relavant updates since fresh install last week...
USB\Periferals\Misc : 1 x Swan 4 port USB hub (self powered)
1 X Logitech mx500 optical mouse
1 X Vantec 'Nexus' fan/temp monitor and contoller, includes 2 x usb 2.0 and 1 x 1394 firewire ports.
2 x system fans (80mm)
2 x black UV cold cathode tubes with sound sensor support.
1 x clear perspex window with breather tube with fan grill installed, sits 5-10mm above CPU to draw cool air from outside case.(works well, drop my cpu temp by 5-10 degrees C)

I've had no problems with this setup for the last 7-8 months, until I installed the TV card.Sorry its so long winded, but I wanted to make sure I got detail....machine has been in shop for 3 days,


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From: Dan on 06/22/2003
Im having exactly the same problem and there must be something with motherboard agp ports and that the cards get to much voltage? I got a p4 2 ghz 400 mhz, it worked perfectly for about a year, then suddenly i got this graphic card meltdowns, three brand new graphic cards all with same error, so i rule out graphic card error :). Extreme usage intel and nvidia doesnt match it seems.

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From: Rick on 04/21/2003
While you are using NVidia, this site summarizes the steps you should take to resolve it. To get more detailed info on the error right-click My Computer and choose Manage. Select Event Viewer and then System. Look for any red X's that say Error and click on it. It should say that the device "got stuck in an infinite loop".


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From: SHODAN_X on 03/17/2003
I couldn't see an 'edit' function for my last post...:(

Just wanted to add to my system specs above...
1xG-force ti4200 8x128mg
1 x G-force mx440 64mb

These two cards have been tested in my rig aswell, but both failed.
The mx440 & ti4200 work sweet in the machine Im typing this on, but the triplex card is dead...:(


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