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 PC pauses at hard disk access. Post a Reply  
From: Steve on 03/16/2003
When my hard disk is accessed, the soundcard glitches, the mouse movement pauses and if any video playback is running, the picture pauses. It lasts only for the duration of the access, about half a second and repeats every few seconds (when the HD is accessing swap file) and is damned annoying.
Both of my HD's are running in RAID mode with striping.
Any help would be appreciated.

Windows XP pro with SP1
Athlon XP 2400+ (266 FSB)
512mb 2700 (333mhz) Single DDR RAM
80gb and 60gb IBM deskstar HD's
Gigabyte GA7VXP KT400 chipset
MSI Ti4800se 8X AGP graphics 128mb DDR
ADSL speedtouch USB
Soundblaster Extigy (USB)
USB 2.0
USB 1.1 With powered hub.


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From: Slink9 on 03/17/2003
The swap file runs on Milliseconds where as primary memory runs on nano seconds, the swap file is obviously slower on access time than the primary memory but if this si the first time its been happening then look at these points:

1. Remove the page.sys file and reboot the pc and then re-instate the page.sys file

2.examine the hard drive with a bench mark tool, there are plenty to choose from even a demo version will do just to test the hard drive, also if you are running XP/NT/W2K (i thinks its XP as you stated in your e-mail) check the event log under both areas(application/system) your hard drive could be slsowly on its way out, back up the drive now while you can use Norton Ghost ver 7 for XP and back up to CD-R.

It could be to do with the slowness of the page file.

Oh and another thing sorry to say this but did'nt you know that deskstar hard drives are knicknamed "death star" hard drives because they fail a lot, back up now and get your hard drives replaced if they are failing, you seem to have a new pc so the warrenty should still be valid on those drives,



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