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 Windows ME, Can't get past the logon to Window Post a Reply  
From: Maeve on 07/12/2002
Does anyone have any suggestions, I'm running Windows ME? It will load to the windows logon, allow you to enter the password and logon, and then comes up with the error
"Explorer has caused an error in SHELL32.DLL. Explorer will now close. If you continue experiencing problems, try restarting your computer."
Restarting only comes up with the same error, ctrl + alt + delete, doesn't help either but allows the restart, otherwise you have to manually shut down the computer. When you close out of the error, (there is no options for details) all you get is the desktop. No icons, no start button, no system tray, no tool bar. Please help if you have any idea how to correct this?
Thank you in advance.

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From: Computerpilot on 07/14/2002
Are you running any Novell services? Possiblity logging onto a Novell device? Do you have the network protocol installed? You can check this through Network in the Control Panel. Check the installed protocols and make sure that Novell is not installed if you are not using it.

Also, are you logging into Windows ME as a user? Do you have multiple users set up on the computer? If not, then there is not reason for the logon prompt unless you are loggin into a server or networked device. You can remove this password list by searching for .PWL files and deleting them. The next time you boot windows, you will be told to enter a username and password. If you leave the password blank, then you will never be asked to log onto windows again. This will only help you if you are sure that you are not using multiple users on your OS.

You can also be sure that you are not logging into a domain at bootup. You can check this in the network settings in the Control Panel as well. Simply double-click the Client for Microsoft Networks option to see the domain/workgroup that you are logging into. Also check to see if you have the network login set to Windows Logon rather than the Client for Microsoft Networks or another option.

Hope this helps.



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