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From: Kevin on 03/14/2003
Ok here's the run down... Basically the first time i start my computer it'll start up...after a while though it'll just stop cd rom light stays lighted and so do all my other led lights (harddrive light etc)
Then when i try to restart after a couple minutes it'll do the same thing (nothing shows on the monitor - blank and the led light on monitor starts blinking)
Here are the things i've tried....
tried new video card
power supply
solved heat issues got new heatsink with whole bunch of other fans
tried replacing motherboard with new one(new one didn't work so i decided to put my old one back in and it worked and now it ain't working again lol)
tested ram also and it ain't that
monitor also

yeah so i've tried all sorts of stuff and i'm not sure why my comp worked for a while after i put in my old motherboard but now it ain't working again and i have no clue lol


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From: slink9 on 03/17/2003

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