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 explorer caused an invalid page fault in module co Post a Reply  
From: loser on 03/13/2003
I keep getting this error-message: "explorer caused an invalid page fault in module comctl32.dll". Whenever i try to do something in the control-panel i get that message (and i cant continue what i was about to do). Internet Explorer is gone. I have tried to install IE6, but that stupid error-message stops me from clicking the setup-file. I can still click other icons on my desktop and i can surf. Scandisk doesnt work anylonger.

I have Win98 SE.

Is it possible to fix this? What might be the problem? What shall i do?

Something odd is that i think i have two identical win98 SE installed on my hard-drive. Dont know why. I reinstalled win98 SE a few weeks ago. Then trouble started all over again.



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From: loser on 03/15/2003
Jesus......I think you solved my problem! I went to the page you mentioned:
On that page i downloaded an updated version of comctl32.dll, installed it and restarted my pc. And now everything seems to be perfect again. I am not getting the error-message anymore. So if anyone is ever experiencing the same error-message as i did, visit the webpage linked above.

I thought i had to reinstall Windows 98. But thanks to Slink9 i dont have to do that. I am very grateful, thanks!!!!


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From: Slink9 on 03/14/2003
Heres some info on the file in discussion,

I think you will need to look further into the problem with explorer also look at this site for extra help with the issue with explorer



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