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From: Mark on 03/11/2003
I recently upgraded my pc and formatted my hard disk. I then proceeded to reinstall windows 2000 and was successful. The computer worked fine and thus I decided to visit the windows update facility to downloaded the critical updates.

I started with the first download available: Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack.

I managed to download this fine and the computer prompted me to restart my pc. I did so and once rebooted, I decided to continue woith the critical updates. But when i tried to open internet explorer it would not let me and displayed an error message stating that iexplorer.exe had caused an error and had to restart. It also stated that an error log being created.

Thinking nothing of this I tried again and recieved the same message.
So giving up on this, I tried to open several folders within Windows 2000 ranging from My Documents to Program Files etc. But this causes an error similar to that of internet explorer. The message says that explorer.exe has caused an error and has to restart. It also says that an error log is being created.

The two errors are stopping me from being able to use any window based application. The errors have made my pc almost unuseable. The only applications i am able to use is MSN Messenger and Winamp. Ive had to use a friends pc on our network in our house to access websites on the internet.

These problems seem to have come from downloading the windows update.
Does anyone know something that I can do to fix this other than uninstalling windows and reinstalling it. Your help is dramatically needed and greatfully recieved.

Mark (Very annoyed!!)


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From: Slink9 on 03/13/2003
I've had a look at the SP1 comments on the WWW and theres a lot of mixed feelings about SP1 for IE6. I think if you install IE 5.5 it will uninstall IE6 and the SP with it, Try to use this for now but if you must upgrade again to IE6.

The problem is wide spread through your pc and i think you have issues with your registry and corrupt files within the windows installation. Go for a re-install of windows over itself and see if this help the situation, but the corruption may not go all together, I have heard of people formatting their PC and re-installing windows from scratch after installing SP for IE6.

Go to the microsoft knowledge base for more tips



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