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 System self reboot only in Excel 2k under XP(sp1) Post a Reply  
From: Eric on 03/11/2003
I have cruised Technet and chats and am coming up empty. In Excel 2k when copying blocks of data at a medium to slow rate, the box will drop like a rock and reboot. Just like that. Box was OK til a couple months ago when this started. Suspect conflict with new NVIDIA driver. Unload drivers, box is stable in Excel under native XP (but it drives you nuts with poor performance of course-- not a long term solution). MOboard is Asus A7N266vm, 512mb DDR. Tried older driver versions, same result. I have not checked memory-yet due to narrow focus of problem. Anyone seen this out there?

Help! Don't want to have to wipe and rebuild.


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From: Slink9 on 03/13/2003
I have seen a similar problem with XP when transfering large amounts of data around the system, look out for any blue screens just before the reboot, if you get the error to do with IRQ's loom at the IRQ listing in sys info, also goto your event veiwer in control panel administrative tools and look for the error there in both application and system, we need to know more about what is wrong here



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