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From: Jessica on 07/13/2002
I have an Emachine with a 56K modem. Well, everytime I am on AOL 7.0 and I get more than 3 IM's my computer freezes. My friend sugessted that it was because of low reasources, and my computer was telling me lately that I am low on reasources. The thing is is that when I look at the amount of avialable space on my hard drive, I have A LOT of space. More than 3/4 space left. I have a 20 GB system and I have about 12.7 GB left. PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you!



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From: Computerpilot on 07/14/2002

Sometimes low resources are not related to how much empty space you have on your hard drive. Do you have over 128mb of RAM installed? Also, what other programs are you running as well as AOL and Instant Messanger? There is a chance that you are running more than one application in the background that is taking up memory in RAM.

Please see my post for more advice on how to deal with low resources problems:

Try this line of troubleshooting.

I know that that this possiblity is low but you might consider a hacker or trojan virus. Do you have a firewall or antivirus software installed?

Hope this helps a little. Post back if you gain more information about your problem.



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