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From: ben on 03/08/2003
Every time i open windows explorer , Internet explorer opens and an illegal operation box appears please help

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From: Baldy on 04/06/2003
How are you "starting" Windows Explorer? - If you are "opening" Explorer windows via "My Computer" or "Network Neighborhood", then what you have is indeed IE, not WE !!! - Create a new Link (Shortcut) on your Desktop and set it to start C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE - do this via the Browse selection box when defining the Shortcut.
Then you'll have the "real" WE, but unfortunately, IE & WE tend to hotswap themselves - give WE a http:// URL in its address box, and you'll be given the IE rendering, similarly, give IE a LOCAL C:\WINDOWS Windows Resource Address, and it'll give you the WE rendering.
Seems to be a hangover from when M$ thought that they'd get away with total integration of IE & the Wxx System!
Best Bet? - run RegClean or similar periodically, be careful how you navigate in WE, make WE display the Folders section, and use that section to quickly navigate your system.
If this still fails to get rid of your problem, a re-install with careful backups made at each major stage should narrow down the culprit, and allow you to recover - skipping the miscreant (Probably Shareware) Application. Most S/W offerings are GREAT, but some misbehave, and if you discover the culprit, locate an alternative to use.

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From: slink9 on 03/09/2003
there a problem somewhere in the registry, if you are using win98 goto dos prompt and startup scanreg/fix. also if it keeps happening re-install windows...



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