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From: Ddlbugger on 07/13/2002
I have Win98 Second Edition-Most of the time I go to standby the computer will not restart and the reset button must be pushed. If Ctrl-Alt-Del will allow me to get the programs running, I see msgsrv32.exe [not responding]. Then I kill it and re-boot, or I get Fatal Exceptions. If Ctrl-Alt-Del does not bring the screen back from blackness, I am hosed and have to reset. Other times, I get the blinking cursor and the screen does not come back. I have the latest Bios, the latest sound driver for ESS and the lateset DirectX. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Could it be AOL related??? Thanks

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From: Computerpilot on 07/14/2002
Ok, you have a million different BIOS and motherboards out there on the market and new ones appearing every day. Let's write a software program that will communicate will all the different BIOS out there and that will be created to tell the computer when to hibernate or turn off the monitor. Not easy.

Microsoft has struggled with Advanced Power Management since the days of Windows 95. I do give them a little credit for working on a problem like this but it still has not be perfected in any way (it is probably the best with Windows NT products and Windows XP).

I find that networking (modem or LAN) creates many problems when a windows computer tries to spin down hard drives or 'sleep'. I would not be surprised that your computer is having the problem mostly while you are still connected to AOL.

I would highly suggest that you disable your hard drive turn off feature and sleep feature in your power settings. This is recommended for any computer with a modem or Ethernet card. I suggest this to all my users.

I know that conserving power is important! However, it is a toss up to whether your want your computer to waste power booting up rather than just running it without the sleep function enabled.

Granted, there are quite a few computers on the market that work just fine with power settings enabled (mostly manufatured computers by a large name). Especially with the use of a Wake on LAN card and enabled. However, I do not believe this feature exists with modems and I don't really see the need for one as most ISP's will disconnect you for disuse (including AOL).

Keep in mind, this DOES NOT include shutting off your monitor. Please do enable this as it will not affect your computer and does save quite a bit of power!



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