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 Unable to start ANY executable directly... Post a Reply  
From: Ralf on 03/04/2003
This is a weird problem.. my first guess was a virus.. but after a few scans.. no luck.

I am unable to start any executable directly, and if I try I'll get an error: I"m unable to find the executable C:\bla\bla.exe (or any part) Check the path and filename ... etc.

To clearify, when I open an word document, it will open word and I can see the document. Should I click on word directly, I get the error. This is with EVERY application. I cannot open internet explorer, except when clicking on a HTML file.

I did a virus check, using my other comp on my network and came up with nothing. The weird thing is, I was working on my comp and it happend all of a sudden.

I tried to see if there was a logfile somewhere to understand what's happening, but sofar I am unable to locate any relevant files.

I'm hoping someone reads this, and thinks.. ah.. you just have to do this.. and I can get it to work again. (hoping it's not format C :)


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From: Nick on 03/27/2003
hey this is a virus, I actually jsut had this happen to me.... I got it from opening a screen saver file someone sent to me... anyway the virus is call w32.yaha... look it up at, they have removal instructions......

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From: Ralf on 03/05/2003
For your information...

I posted my problem on ather boards as well..
And It solved my problem..

It turns out that the reverence to EXE files was wrong.
I renamed regedit.exe to, so I could get into the program..
Then I checked:

It supposed to be : "%1" %*

it was: winampw "%1" %*

After I removed the winampw.. it worked..!

me happy..:)


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