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 OE has occurred at 0028:C00700C1 in VxD VNETBios(0 Post a Reply  
From: Teardrop on 03/04/2003
Dell Web-PC pentium III
windows 98 second edition 4.10.2222 A
255 Ram

when i boot up i receive this blue screen with this message:

An exception OE has occurred at 0028:C00700C1 in VxD VNETBios (01) + 000009B1. This was called from 0028:C024C5D5 in VxD VMM (13) + 000005D5. etc., etc., etc......

there are two ways i can get the computer to operate:

1. by rebooting in safe mode and then restart the computer -- then it will start normally ----- but this is a pain.....

2. once i start the computer, i immediately press the control button and wait a bit, then a black screen comes on and i press the number for step by step confirmation ---- i hit the Y key for everything except when i get to VNETBios.VxD ---- i hit the N key for this and continue with the Y key for the rest of the step by step confirmation.... then it will start in normal mode...... this is a pain also......

sometimes if i don't hold down the control key immediately at booting up the computer it wont let me do the step by step confirmation and it wants to start in safe mode.....

i know you guys recommend switching OS, but i am sooooooo used to this system...... plus, i bought a new Apple G4 notebook and i am so afraid of using it and ruining it with viruses and such.... but i know if i don't use it i will never learn.... maybe i should take a mac class... sorry i am rambling now.....

any help with this VNETBios would be appreciated.....
Thanks a BuNcH......... :-)


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From: slink9 on 03/07/2003
you need to think about the low level drivers on your pc, if you can access windows in safe mode then its likely to be a driver, boot to a dos session using the F8 utility and find the file using the 'DIR' command. copy the file a to a floppy or another location then delete it.

Reboot the pc and go into normal mode, when you have done this goto DLL WORLD on the net and downoad the file fromthere and reinstall.



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