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 Fatal error in Winword Post a Reply  
From: robert on 03/02/2003
I get random errors in Word 2000 with windows 98
Pressing a key, saving...
OE O17F : BFF24DD5
0167 : BFF24DD5
0167 : BFF71459
even after reintalling windows and word...
Any hint on haw to solve the problem ?

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From: Mike on 04/24/2003
In my case it works.



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From: Ryan on 03/03/2003
This behavior can occur if the default Word template ( is damaged. Try this........

1.. Quit all instances of Word, including Microsoft Outlook if Word is
set as your e-mail editor.

2.. Click Start and then click Search .

3.. In the Search Results dialog box, under What do you want to search
for? , click All files and folders .

4.. In the All or part of the file name box, type

5.. In the Look in box, select your local hard disk (or an alternate
user template location if you are running Word from a network server).

6.. Click Search to search for the file.

7.. For each occurrence of that appears in the Search
Results dialog box, right-click the file. Click Rename on the shortcut menu.
Type a new name for the file, such as or , and then press ENTER.

8.. On the File menu, click Close to close the Search program.

This fixed an error I had on my computer when using Word but I had the error message "System is dangerously low on resources"

Let me know if it works-


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