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 computer freezes up with either the screen i am on Post a Reply  
From: Sam on 03/01/2003
I need help!!!
i installed a nvidia GForce4 card, to be honest with you i am not sure if it is a Ti or an Mx card......but after install i downloaded the drivers for it from the nvidia website! (the Ti version)
now my computer is unstable, it can be working for some time with no problems but after some time it decides to freeze up on the screen it is on or go to a black screen and that is it!
no controls work and ctrl,alt,delete do not work either!
it is driving me out of my mind!!!! since i am not a computer type i don't really know where to start!
but to begin with my system is a PIII 650, 40G H/D, 576MB RAM, now GForce4.....i think it's a Ti, not sure about what mother board i have......but non the less it works fine. before the GForce card i was a happy camper but now!
oh by the way i am running Windows ME and i have done all the upgrades so i hope that it is not the OS.
if anyone can help me that would be great!
i am loosing my mind!!!!

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From: nigel on 03/01/2003
Hi Sam

I had this problem with Geforce 4 440mx 128mb card.You need to download your monitor drivers.

I.E. I have a RELYSIS TFT MONITOR (FLAT SCREEN).When the screen went black the only way i could get the desktop back was to switch the monitor off,then back on again.

Due to the fact that RELYSIS do not post drivers on the web.I had to phone the help line.They E-MAILED me the driver in a text file.

I rang them back and they took me through the installation process.

Hope this helps.



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