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 Searching for boot record from floppy..Not Found Post a Reply  
From: Viviana on 02/28/2003
Hi,this is how my problem started in detail:

I installed a new floppy drive in my computer and installed a new Hard drive. The hard drive had Windows XP (C:) and Windows Me(E:).
I wanted to format the drive, I tried to boot from a diskette but couldnīt. It said :
Searching for boot record from floppy..Not Found
while the diskette I always use to boot my other computer always work. So I made andother diskette but still couldn't. Finally I booted with my Hard drive and entered Windows Me. I formatted C: and D: (now the problems start), then I reboot and this is the message i get:

(My boot secuence is Floppy, IDE-0, CDROM)

Searching for boot record from floppy..Not Found
Searching for boot record from IDE-0..OK
Searching for boot record from CDROM..Not Found

Boot Failure
Insert BOOT diskette in A:
Press any key when ready

and goes on and on and on that way.

I just want to boot from diskette so to format the hard drive, how can i do that?


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From: Paul on 05/01/2008
I had this problem and it was due to a disc left in the CD-ROM drive and a power outage. Start up the computer, push a paperclip in the tiny hole on the CDROM drive, take out the disc, it'll ask if you want to reboot, do that and voila.

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From: Andy on 11/13/2006
Hey...I have been having the same problem
I added a IBM hard drive to my new computer and also a IBM cd drive.
whenever i start my computer is shows the same error message. I set the IBM hard drive as slave and left the original one as it was.
HELP me if someone figures out how to solve this prob. my email is
oh yea...i had win 2000 on the original hd and win ME on the other one.
I dont know how to fix it

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From: Ken on 03/27/2004

its pretty obvious ur prob lies w/ either the drive itself or if not so.... would be the disk that ur usin. Try checkin everything on the drive first like the Ribbon cables (as to what the prev post said).
But since its not dishing any other errors on the drive other than this "Boot Record on Floppy not found" I doubt its the drive. Try using a fresh floppy disk.

Hope this helps...

P.S im having similar problem.. but my own won't boot from a perfectly working Ide HD drive.


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From: Nigel on 03/01/2003
Hi Viviana

Have you connected the floppy ribbon the right way round ? Red stripe
signifies NO.1.

If you have you might have a duff drive.

Hope this helps



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