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 XP killed my CD burner. HELP Post a Reply  
From: Howard on 02/24/2003
I borrowed a friend's external CD burner (iomega zipcd 650). She was running Windows 2000. Plugged it in using the usb port to my computer running Win XP pro. Seemed ok. I had nero installed from a previous drive, but that didn't work, so i uninstalled that, rebooted, and installed the software that came with the drive, wich was adaptec. After restarting windows said the drivers were not compatable with it, so i uninstalled all that. Now the drive does not work AT ALL. It is no longer detected by either my system or my friend's system. There is a blank CD-R in the drive and it will not open. At first the power light flashed a little when my computer started up, but now it does not do even that. What the hell happened? I didn't even try to burn a cd before this happened.
Any help appreciated,

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