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 Explorer caused Invalid Page Fault in shell32.dll Post a Reply  
From: Thomas Anderson on 02/16/2003
I get this error whenever i try to browse in explorer. The system is a PIII500 w/ 128mb & 9GB driver (4gb free). I was running Win98 Upgraded from Win95. I installed Win98SE upgrade but the problem persisted. I then upgraded IE to 5.5sp2 from 5.0. Still get the problem. I have been through everywhere I can think of on the Internet and with the MS KBase. I tried everything they had to suggest but no good. I have verified that this is software related because the problem still occurs when I put the drive in a different computer (oh yeah I copied a disk image to another drive and it occurs with that drive also). Just to be double sure I ran SimmTest on the system but came up with no errors. I am lost...I know this has to be corrupt software. I almost am to the point of fdisking, however due to the configuration and speciality software on this system that is all but out of the question. HELP!!

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