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From: Alastair on 02/16/2003
HI there

My windows 98 SE hung this morning..... I restarted it.. but now every programme wants a password (which were previously saved automatically).

EG. My internet connnection no longer allows me to tick the "save password" box....nor will it allow me to dial-on automatically.

at startup Windows also asks me for a password - which it didn't do before...I now have to click on CANCEL.

how do I get back to my original password stored settings?

many thanks, Alastair


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From: Will on 02/17/2003
This is a problem that occurs when you don't log in to windoze. After a crash or re-install windows may revert to asking you to log in every time. You need to either log in to windows every time, or set up windoze to stop asking for a log in (by checking the "every user has the same desktop settings/preferences" box.) If Windoze thinx you've not logged in when you should have, it won't let you save passwords. Set up your system so it stops thinking you should log in, and it'll let you save passwords again. Easy. Will

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