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 lost all sound when on aol 8.o Post a Reply  
From: michael on 02/10/2003
I recently purchased a new pc and loaded aol 8.0. and when I sign onto aol I lose all sound,even cd that was playing fine before signing onto aol is now silent..I have uninstalled 8.0 and reinstalled,I have installed lower verions of aol all with no help.Everything for sound works fine until I sign onto aol and then silence.

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From: John on 09/08/2003
You say the sound works fine until you start AOL 8.

AOL 8 has a media player. You may have set the AOL media player to default. You need to alter your settings so that AOL is not the default player. You should phone AOL and ask them how to do this.

Alternately uninstal AOL. Reinstal AOL then uncheck the make AOL my default media player box when you are prompted.


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