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From: Tom on 02/09/2003
Sony PCG-F650 running Windows ME. The OS and IE are up to date with the most current updates from Windows Update.

With no network connection at all, all the software on the PC works fine.

With a USB network adapter connected to a cable modem, all the software on the PC works fine.

With any other network connection, IE hangs during start-up. Eventually, the task manager reports "Explorer (not responding)" and the PC needs to be restarted.

The following network connections donít work:
* The same USB network adapter connected to a router connected to the cable modem
* A wireless PC card connected to a wireless AP/router connected to the cable modem
* A different USB network adapter connected to a different cable modem
In all cases, another computer connected in the same way works properly.

Even though IE hangs, all the following apps can successfully access the network:
* DOS ping
* Outlook mail
* Netscape 4.7

I have gone so far as to remove and re-add all the network adapters. The problem still occurs.


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From: Brian on 08/04/2003
For what it is worth, I had a similar problem with ME and IE. Everything worked fine when I was directly connected to the network or connected to my linsys BEFSR41. When I put in a wireless G AP my ME machine would hang everytime IE was opened and often my entire desktop would become unresponsive even though the mouse could still move. However, you could hit ctr+alt+del and see the explorer was not responding. If you ended explorer then IE would finish loading and you could browse the web. Strangely enough when I put my old router back in, everything worked fine. Since I didn't really need the AP, I have been using a wired connection through a PCI network card without any problems ever since.


PS - Hopefully you've already found a better solution, and if you have I'd be glad to hear it.


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