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From: sean on 02/09/2003
everytime i open internet explorer it tells me that internet explorer has encountered problem and needs to close. here are the error specs

AppName: Iexplore.exe
Appver: 6.0.2800.1106
ModName: mfc42.dll
ModVer: 6.0.8665.0
Offset 0005bf55

I have tried many things, i have upgraded to servicepack1a reinstalled windows and nothing seems to work, i have found other people on the net with the same problem. I can still use the net, but internet explorer doesnt solutions so far but one would be appreciated



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From: spence on 03/19/2004

Hey, every time I try to log on to internet explorer a box comes up and says "internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" I figure that i have some form of spyware and I have no idea what to do. My internet works though.

I need help. Im tired of using msn to browse.

I would appreciate it it someone could e-mail me and let me know exactly what to do to fix this problem.


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From: Ryan on 04/26/2003
Guess what you got buddy. You have SPYWARE on your machine. I can almost guarantee that you have the Xupiter Browser Hijacker in your machine. Do an F(DISK) F(FORMAT) R(ELOAD) but do not write zeros because that will destroy your Hard drive

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From: Simon on 04/24/2003
Dear Mike

Thank you for your solution. After installing Spybot, I found I could not open Eudora Pro ver 4.3.2 because MFC42.DLL "was not found". I am using Windows 98.

To save time, I copied the MFC42.DLL file from my wife's identical PC and pasted it into my C:\Windows\System while in Safe Mode. I found the file by comparing which MFC42.DLL file was missing from my PC. My wife had four files and I had three.

After restarting my PC, Eudora worked normally.

I know nothing about PCs and probably this was not the safest way to solve the problem, but it was certainly quick and it worked.

Spybot later told me they have encountered this problem twice before and will put a FAQ on their website about it.

Best regards


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From: Mike on 02/13/2003
Hi Sean,

Not sure if you got a fix on this problem, but I had the same problem. Here are the steps I used to fix my problem.

1. Copy the mfc42.dll file from your Windows CDROM to your Desktop.
2. Download and Install the Spybot program.
3. Run the Spybot program and let it clean your system. This may take a reboot or two.
4. Once Spybot has completed and you back to your normal desktop, Reboot the PC into SAFE MODE.
5. RUN a Search for MFC42.DLL and note which ones are in your systems search path, (ie. System or System32 folder). I had 5 search hits, but only one in the search path, (System32 Folder). Most likely this will be the same for you.
6. Now copy the mfc42.dll into the system32 folder.
7. Shutdown the PC for 15 - 20 Secs.
8. Restart PC and test IE, all should work.

Please note that Spybot warns to use it at your own risk and I do too. I am passing these details to hopefully help you, but I take no liability of any system failures, loss of data or any other risk. The above detals worked perfectly for me and now I am running SPYBOT on my other systems to insure they are clean too.

Best of Luck,
Mike :)


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