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From: Martin on 02/07/2003
Hi there, while I know everyone is looking for solutions to frustrating problems this one is driving me nuts. In a nutshell:

I have a AMD Athalon processer, 256 MB Ram, Asus K7M motherboard, and I believe a Via Chipset. The sister came with Win 98SE, but I kept experienceing random freezes. I tried wiping the harddrive and re-intstalling, but that didn't work. I had an uprade cd to Win ME, so I wiped and installed Win ME. That hasn't worked. Now for the funny part, I can prevent my system from freezing, if I on boot up enter the BIOS and make a change (provided the change I make lets the system run). For example switch from optimum settings to fail safe it works and doesn't seem to freeze, but only once. Next boot up after an undetermined time it freezes again. Re-boot an switch the settings and bingo it doesn't seem to freeze no matter how long I have it on. It seems to work with any change I make in the BIOS, I have a DVD rom and CD rom, if I disable one, it works. Problem is I don't like entering my BIOS and making a change every time I boot up, plus at times I forget etc, and I know (like now), that a complete lock up is inevitable. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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