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 Windows 98SE with ASUS P4PE M/B. Unable to setup w Post a Reply  
From: Tony on 02/06/2003
I've just built myself a new system consisting of an ASUS P4PE M/B + Intel 2.67G CPU + 1GB DDR RAM. Used existing HDDs (2 IDE) + Plextro CD writer. Need to run WIN98SE for software support but cannot get past the graphics card install. Have tried with ASUS V7700 Pro and GeForce MX440 with similar failures in both cases.

HDD partition reformatted. Win98 Installed. Default VGA drivers. Motherboard drivers installed as recommended in M/B manual. Reboot.
Update OF vid drivers goes OK. Reboot. Either (a) Boots OK but if any display adjustments attempted upon restart a message indicating that the settings do not match the adapter is presented or (b) a windows protection error is reported. Have to start into safe mode and remove the drivers...
Have repeated this sequence more times than I care to think about.

Other observations: CDs inserted into the CD drive are sometimes incorrectly detected as audio and Virtual memory is reported to be disabled when it is not.



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From: ziggy on 04/01/2003
I have all the same probs just not the virtual memory u have.
Same system p4pe m/b, p4 2.53 cpu, 1gb ram consisting of 2x 512 333ddr, but i am useing a geforce 2 mx400 till i get my radeon 9800 pro.
Might nead to try old drives or sumthing
Runs ok under 2000 just not with all my old games and progs wich is why i am useing 98se
Eney help would be great

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