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From: Enrique on 02/05/2003
This server in question is a member server of a W2K domain. It has W2K SP2 and it is a Dell PowerEdge 2400 with 768mb of ram. It has a PIII 733 Mhz processor.

One day out of the blue, things started to not function anymore. For example, I go to Control Panel and click on some setting like System and I get Access to the specified device path or file is denied, though I am logged in as Admin.

Furthermore, most of my links on the desktop, like IE6, Winzip and Acrobat Reader are either not working when I double-click on them or they look like the Windows Logo when Windows has no file associated with that program.

I am not sure if there is a corrupt registry that I am working with but I would like to avoid having to rebuild this server since it has so much software installed on it.

Any ideas, please post them when you get a chance. I was wondering if maybe applying SP3 would do the trick or IE6 SP1 to rebuild some corrupt system files. Apart from that I do not know. Thanks for your input.


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From: Dave on 03/09/2003
I had the same problem
If you go into the registry and look for a key called HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\exefile\shell\open make sure the default value is empty.
I don't know what caused it but this fixed it.

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