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 Computer will not do anything after memory test (c Post a Reply  
From: a guy with a problem on 02/01/2003
Basically I just recently got a new motherboard with an athlon xp 1800+ processor. So i installed the thing in a new case and proceeded to install the rest of my hardware into the computer and connected all the cables properly. I turn on the computer and it goes through the memory test but then proceeds to halt the system and i can't even get into the bios while it's reading the memory. What could be wrong? Thanks

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From: bill on 02/05/2003

have you tried waiting..

like wait up to 5 minutes after the memory check.
to see if any "device failures" pop up..

good luck.


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From: bill on 02/05/2003
bad connection..

most likely if your getting past the memory test and nothing else..
something is either malfunctioned or plugged in wrong..

check your floppy drive.. doest the light come on and then go off on startup? does it make a noise?

if not.. and IF the floppy light comes on and stays on without making any noises.. or even if making noises or strange ones at that..

you may have the floppy drive cable plugged in wrong..
ha.. even happened to me once.. or twice (blush)
mainly because the floppy drives red stripe on the cable doesn't ALWAYS go toward the power cord.. as is the case with 99% of all HD's.
and this cable can be easily plugged in upside down.

but check there first..

as well as all the other drive cables..
I'm saying this.. because these are the next devices to be checked in the bootup hardware sequence..

are you SURE the cables are connected properly?

if this is not the problem..
try unplugging all cards except your video card..
check all calbes to make sure they are snug..
and boot it up..

hope this helps..


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From: Chris on 02/02/2003
Have you tried with a different memory stick?


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