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From: COLIN on 01/29/2003
My PC is a compaq presario which has recently had Norton AV 2003 installed.
The problem is on shutdown it hangs on the (shutting down windows)screen.
It seems as though i can avoid this by disabling the NAV prior to shut down.

Any Ideas


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From: Adam on 06/13/2003
As i am sure you have heard or figured out for yourselves already....Factory computers or as we here at the repair shop I work in call them "walmart specials" are satan. Buying one of these is just asking for problems. They sell them cheap as hell, making you think you are a getting a deal.When in the long run you actually end up paying 4 times the amount in tech support or repairs. I will give you the same advice i give my customers...ditch the mass produced model and build your own or have someone build you own.

$500 dollar "walmart special" computer or dell etc etc

you get:
15" LCD monitors $200
printer $100
keyboard, mouse and speakers $50

thats $350 which leaves about $150 to build the computer.You shouldnt expect much


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From: Violet on 06/13/2003
Well, I guess it's nice to know that I'm not alone ..... My Hewlett Packard Pavilion, Windows 98SE has exhibited this problem since day one and no matter what patches I have downloaded, nothing has changed. I, like yourself, discovered the only solution to be as you desribed... I have Norton 2002 and prior to that Norton 2000 and other than disabling the Auto-Protect, nothing else will allow it to shut down the way that it should.... I am at the point that I have to just accept it. So, if anyone has this problem has found a solution, I too would be interested but I don't hold much hope of hearing or reading anything that I haven't already tried. My computer had to go back to HP last year because I had messed it up so much by shutting down manually by pushing the button when the screen would just "hang".. They fixed it and sent it back and as soon as I downloaded the new Norton AV, the problem was back. Thank goodness I at least came up with the solution you did.... it's better than nothing.

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