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From: Jordan on 01/27/2003
Does anyone here have any experiance with Win 98SE causing problems with scanners?

I purchased a long time ago a Microtek Vanatas 3000 Scanner. Yes,a cheap-o product, but I figured it would do the trick. Boy, was I wrong. I never managed to be able to install the thing. I tried driver updates, I looked on help boards, It turns out I'm not the only one.

So,the other day I came to the conclusion that I had too much scanning to do at the local kinkos, and needed to buy my own. I went out and bought a HP ScanJet 3400Cse. I figured 1) My computer is an HP so it'll work without a hitch 2) HP is supposed to be a good name in Scanners and Printers 3) HP offers a lot of help with their product.

I was wrong all of those.

The install of the scanner drivers, and programs went fine. The handy HP tool even told me everything was installed properly and that it was now ime to plug in the scanner. Following the instructions to the letter, I plugged the USB cable into the scanner, and then the computer. I then plugged the power adapter into the scanner, and then into the outlet.

As soon as I had done that Win98SE (my OS) auto detected the scanner, and began building a driver database. Halfway through I get a bluescreen and it says a Fatal Exception 0E Something Something has occred, and the only way to get that off is to 1) turn off the computer, and restart in safe mode 2) unplug the scanner and restart or 3) unplug the scanner and Ctrl, alt, delete the thing.
Any ideas? IS it just me? I looked and couldn't find any posts anywhere about people haivng problems with this scanner. Is it me? Is it Windows 98SE? I heard SE has some issues.

Help! Please!


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