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From: Gary on 01/25/2003
W98SE on a custom desktop (PIII 450). I have used the same operating system and MS Office 97 Professional for many years. Recently Windows has begun freezing when I close Word. Ctl-Alt-Del indicates Winword (Not responding). Another Ctl-Alt-Del brings up the blue screen System busy or ... message. This problem is intermittent but frequent.

I have removed and reinstalled the Office programs. I have deleted Using WinTop.exe I can see that at the time of crash (or very shortly before) the following programs were active with nonzero %CPU values: Kernel32, Navapw32, Explorer, Winword, Wintop. Other programs with non-zero CPU time but no %CPU include Spool32, Annclist, Systray, Loadqm.

Recent changes in my system include installing an external HP 200e DVD writer and associated USB port drivers.


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