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 Dell Optiplex G1 hangs at bios Post a Reply  
From: Damian on 01/25/2003
Wen I switch my pc on the bios initialisation comes on (the black screen with dell logo and the white percentage bar were I press F2 for setup).

But when the bar reaches full it just stays there. Nothing else loads, and when I tried entering setup nothing happened. I reset and tried again, it said "Entering setup" in the corner, but again wen the bar reached full nothing happened.

It was working fine the last time I tried it. I have windows 98 SE, using ps/2 mouse and keyboard and have a cd-rw drive, but these have always been in. Any help at all would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks to anyone in advance.


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From: Jay on 05/02/2003
At Stantec all we use are Dells.

What you need to do is go to the site and type in your G1's service tag number.

From there you can download the bios flash. Find out if the bios flash has to be incremental and go from there. G1's should be atleast at BIOS version 15.


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