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From: Dave on 01/22/2003
When I try to open a java based website my internet explorer shutsdown and gives me the following error report:

EXPLORE caused a general protection fault
in module USER.EXE at 001c:000013b8.
EAX=00030000 CS=16ef EIP=000013b8 EFLGS=00000212
EBX=17c72330 SS=85ef ESP=000083d4 EBP=000083e2
ECX=0002050c DS=16bf ESI=31202330 FS=810f
EDX=00000002 ES=16bf EDI=00003120 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
67 8b 5e 08 67 8b 7e 0a 3b d9 75 04 3b fa 74 dc
Stack dump:
810f018f 018f0000 bff70000 842c0002 01bf0028 06680002 00000409 00000000 10036928 ffffffff 0597f510 ffffffff bff77284 bff53724 05977000 0597f510

any imput on the problem would be great


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From: Mark on 06/15/2004
Recently had the exact same problem (IEXPLORE caused a general protection fault in module USER.EXE at 001c:000013b8. when entering certain web pages)
The problem for me is related to (of all things) my video driver. I used "msconfig" to remove everything from the startup group, then added them back a few at a time until I had isolated it. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and had the same problem. I have had to remove the "NView" "rundll32.exe nview.dll,nViewLoadHook" registry entry to stop it loading this portion upon startup. I am going to look for an updated driver at some stage, and see if that fixes it. My Video card is an MSI MS-Starforce GeForce4 MX 420 (NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420) according to the Display adapter properties, and I was using the original driver that came with the card.
Hope this helps, because I know I was tearing my hair out.

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From: Sean on 06/13/2004
This also occurs on my computer as well and would like to know how to fix it, if possible

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From: John Herrera on 10/13/2003
Here is the resolution...I narrowed it down to a program that my video card was using... use the directions below to narrow down what is causing the error. You do not need to go to safe mode either if wou want to go staright to "start up list" to see if its a program that is causing the problem wich is s most likeky it.... hope this helps, no one freaking really gave me any good avice, this worked for me, I hope it works for. Print this out.....

Windows 98
After your computer restarts in Safe mode, use the System Configuration Utility tool (Msconfig.exe) to minimize conflicts that may be causing the problem:

Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click System Information.
On the Tools menu, click System Configuration Utility.
On the General tab, click Selective Startup, and then click to clear the following check boxes:
Process Config.sys File
Process Autoexec.bat File
Process Winstart.bat File (if available)
Process System.ini File
Process Win.ini File
Load Startup Group Items
Click OK, and then restart your computer normally when you are prompted. After you restart and test your computer, if you still do not receive the error message, continue with the next steps.
Run the System Configuration Utility tool, click to select one item in the Selective Startup box, click OK, and then restart your computer and test.
Continue this process until all of the items in the Selective Startup box are selected. If you select an item and your issue reoccurs, click the tab of the corresponding item in Selective Startup, clear half of the check boxes, click OK, and then restart your computer. Continue this process until you narrow down the setting that is causing your problem.
If you can restart your computer successfully when all items are checked, run the System Configuration Utility tool, click to select Normal Startup, click OK, and then restart your computer.
For additional information about using Msconfig.exe, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
192926 How to Perform Clean-Boot Troubleshooting for Windows 98


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From: john herrera on 10/12/2003
so whats the solution to this error???

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From: Jason on 10/07/2003
Try a few other browsers, like Mozilla and Opera, what the heck they are free and much better than IE.

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From: John Herrera on 10/07/2003
You mean dont use the site then? This is a fantasy football website that is used by thousands of people. I have no problems using the site on my other cpu.... I get the exact same error, I am just trying to understand if you are actually saying if I get this error to just not go to the site, forget the site and turn it off. Is this what your saying or did I miss something? I got some good feedback from newsgroups about java stuff and clearing some cache. I did it and will see on Sunday when I try to go to "gamecenter" via my fantasy football website again. I can view "gamecenter" now without any issues, maybe because nothing is running live?

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From: Hank on 01/22/2003
If the site has java, don't go there. Turn it off.
You know Yahoo used to have javascript buttons everywhere, now they don't because too many viruses and people are turning it off.

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