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From: Eric on 01/20/2003
I bought a new AMD 1700XP with ASUS A7N266-VM motherboard. Haven't opened the box yet. I ordered the PC with 128 MB RAM but when I run (in Windows 98) Start/Settings/System/Performance it only detects 96 MB of RAM. According to the user manual the RAM is DDR SDRAM (184 pin DIMM) which comes in steps of 64 MB (64, 128, 256 and 512). Which means it is impossible to get to 96 MB.

Have I been screwed or might there be something in the configuration of the PC that makes Windows only see 96 MB instead of 128MB?


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From: Toji on 04/12/2004
Your memory not lost.Its 32 MB shared for display memory.So windows shows only 96 MB.OK.

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