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 PC Reboots itself when I exit games. Post a Reply  
From: LukeEd on 01/20/2003
Hi I have recently bought a new hard drive and had to rebuild my 100% working, never crashing pc. I now find that when I exit certain games like Battlefield 1942 and IL2 Sturmovik my computer will reboot itself. (It never used to do this before the rebuild). When windows restarts, I get a "This computer has recoverd from a serious error message" I have all of the latest drivers and never used to have any problems with the PC at all. If you have any ideas what could be causing this, please let me know.

My specs:

Athlon XP1800
512 DDR ram
60 GIG HDD w/ old 14GIG as back up drive
GF3 TI200
win XP w/ service pack 1

Thanks in advance for any posts!


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From: Sharu on 10/28/2004
first thing you need to do is stop the computer from rebboting that way you will be able to read the details of what is causing the problem when it bluescreens.

start/control panel/system/advanced/startup and recovery/settings under "system failure" uncheck the third box "automatically restart"

the next time it crashes it will remain on the bluescreen and you will be able to read and copy what windows is telling you is causing the problem.


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From: Ashley on 09/01/2003
Im getting same problem Except i bourght a new mobo wif 1.3 gig chip i have a Leadtek Gforce 4 mx 440 PLEASe any one with an answer PLEASE email me at (

known games to shutdown while exiting are:

battlefield 1942, warcraft 3, Hitman 2 .. sumtimes (thats a wierd one i think the games just F#$%ed), Emporer - battle for Dune... thats all for now i havent tested my other games yet.

oh btw i changed my power supply so that isnt the problem!!!

My computer was also 100% working, i dont know if its my hard drive yet! and i dont think it would be my vidio card, because leadtek r usualy very good.. and stable.

please email with an answer im starting to go insain!!

(also restarts on map changes in blattlefield 1942)

thx again REgards,



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