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From: Tony on 01/16/2003
This is horrid.Windows 98,Hewlett Packard.Continually crashing.

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From: taskmon on 04/30/2006
ao terminar e desligar o computador aparece esse problema.

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From: brian on 05/07/2003
waol invalid page fault in kernel32,dll at 018f:bff76840
aol 7.0
win98, amd athlon 800mhz 192 ram, etc etc.
have more than the required amount of ram and system resources free
have unistalled an reinstalled aol several times, have run norton, nothing there, have run adware, nothing but alexa there.
Am sick and tired of having aol hang at connection, hang at the load in screen, crash and disconnect at apparent random intervals.
any help would be appreciated.
And yes I DO know AOl sux, thank you. If you can give me cheaper flat rate uk internet access then I would be happy to accept that instead.

And the aol tech support is laughable. They suggested I flatten my hard drive completely last time this happened, did that and it still doesn't work properly.


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