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From: katy on 01/12/2003
we cannot type in the password needed to connect to our internet server on our compac running windows 98. It is as if the keyboard pad is locked up and we receive the keyboard error message 304. How can we fix this?

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From: Computerpilot on 01/13/2003

I am soooo glad that I force our office to switch from Compaq. They can be a huge pain when it comes to hardware and software compatiblitiy.

This is not an ususual error with Compaqs and is a result of a damaged PS/2 keyboard port. I would first check your keyboard pins to be sure they are all present and accounted for. Make sure they were not bent or one pin broken. If it is possible that one may be missing, you should replace the keyboard.

However, it is most likely that the port itself has failed. In this instance, your only option is to purchase a USB keyboard.



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