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 Various crashes and File Checker says user.exe may Post a Reply  
From: Bob on 01/11/2003
I'm using Windows 98. IE 6 seems involved in various problems.
- Copying from a web page and pasting into an Outlook Express message causes Outlook to disappear
- IE hangs at times without copy/paste
- Copy from Web page, paste into notepad. System crashes

Attempts at resolution:
I ran the Accessories, System Information IE tool (I forgot the exact name) and it found something, fixed it and rebooted my computer, but problems remain

I ran the Accessories File Checker and it said user.exe might be corrupt. My vendor provides a system recovery CD, but when I say "search" for user.exe from the File Checker dialogue, the system cannot find user.exe. (Nor can I when I look at the 2 recovery cds.

Any help would be appreciated


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From: keith on 01/14/2003
Forget about SFC the easiest way to solve this problem is to install windows overtop of its self that way you take care of any files SFC does not find that can be corrupted.

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From: Computerpilot on 01/13/2003

Usually, user.exe is not the corrupt file but an associated file is usually the cause. You will not find user.exe on the restore disks. I believe that it is in one of the install CAB files and you will have to use the extraction tool to install a new one. Usually, SFC (system file checker) will install a copy for you from the install CDROM (restore disk). You may actually have to find an install disk for Windows 98 to do this. You are on the right track. However, I am not sure that your restore disk will work with the SFC function (a really bad choice with those restore disks). You probably have a legitimate case with your PC manufacturer. You can identify to them that you are unable to restore a file from the install disk because you do not have a copy of Windows 98 install CD (windows is on the restore disk but usually 'ghosts' a copy of it to your hard drive).

If it were me, I would find a friend with a copy of the full Windows 98 install CD and run your system file checker again. It should replace the damaged file in question. You can also run SFC at the dos prompt. Type, "SFC /scannow" and have the install CD in the CDROM.

Make sure you have a current version of antivirus software and it had a current subsriptions for updates. It sounds like something has botched your system files to cause this issue.



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