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 Excel XP crashes when opening Excel 2000 file Post a Reply  
From: Stephen on 01/08/2003
The 2000 spreadsheet has a lot of macros, but none that work without clicking a button (none are automatic). They lock and unlock pages, print, copy data to cells & hide & unhide pages only. Excel 97 didn't like the Unlock macro, but worked fine otherwise. Excel XP crashes when you first start to open it. You don't even get to the enable/disable macro choice for medium settings. The spreadsheet stops working if saved in 95 compatability mode (and tries to load vb with Installer), but works with 97 & 2000. As far as I know, I don't have any add-ins in 2000 (most people at work have 2000, and it works on all of them) There is no error message. When it wants to report to Microsoft, it says there was a problem with Excel.exe & mentions no other programs. (it then lists my whole 61 page spread sheet it's 5 meg) Thanks!

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