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From: Speedfreak on 01/06/2003
I was working on another problem for someone and ran across this great
The cable modem setup was doing 700bps internet, not good. I ran this program
it sets some registry settings, and 1400bps !!
It's free, no spam, ads or anything.

When you get it started you want to go to the "Registry" menu and back up your Registry to a file just in case.
Next, in the "File" menu select "Open Custom Settings File" and go into the "css" folder and select "cable normal 9X" for win98 SE or ME.
That's what worked for me on both ME and SE machines. Should work good on dsl too.
Then click "save to registry" and restart the machine.
Follow the instructions for others. XP seemed to be fast as is and my Linux box was as fast as you can go.
A friend did this and went from about 800bps slow to 1700bps on his cable system! Lucky guy!
You can use
to do a free speed test.
AOL sucks.


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From: Brian on 07/03/2003
They say this works because windows is set up for dial up 56K i used it and improved almost double, thank you!

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From: yea on 07/01/2003
ok, 1400 bps ???????
thats cable
you are a moron

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From: Speedfreak on 01/09/2003
For someone who is too much of a geek to actually try this, you sure know a lot.
IT'S NOT ILLEGAL!!! We are not talking about modifying anything more than your LOCAL ON YOUR COMPUTER registry, like every other program you install does.
This program is Open Source, so go find what ever you are so worried about in the source code take it out and compile it yourself.
Please do a little research before you ruin a good thing for a lot of people.
This works, I tried it on TWO systems and two friends tried it with NO PROBLEMS and OBSERVABLE improvements over SEVERAL DAYS NOW.
Did you try it? Why not?

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From: Computerpilot on 01/08/2003

Please keep in mind how cable works. You will share your internet connection with everyone in your area/neighborhood. Therefore, if you push your speed anymore than normal, you will be taking bandwidth from your neighbors. ISPs are alerted to this fact and you will be contacted.

In addition, your actual download (and upload) speed will vary due to how much traffic is in your area. So at one point, you may be running a speed near a 56k modem and another up to 1.0Mb.

Please use caution when using this type of software/hardware changes.



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