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 Win ME restarts by itself after being shutdown for Post a Reply  
From: Dan on 01/06/2003
I do a normal shutdown with my computer, everything works fine. 5-10 mins later it starts up by itself. The following is my computer info: Windows ME 4.90 build 3000
Dell L733r
X86-based PC
Pentium III 731Mhz
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 Ver.4.0
Creative Sound Blaster Live!

Everything has the most recent drivers and there are no errors in Device Manager, Direct X, or Norton System Info.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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From: Darren on 03/25/2003
Hi Dan,

My Dad's PC is suffering the same complaint - did you find a solution?




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From: Computerpilot on 01/08/2003

Definitely check your power settings in the Control Panel. Make sure you do not have any UPS devices enabled as well.

Could this be a function of your surge protector?

Set your BIOS settings to 'default'. There could be a function to start your computer at a specific time. I think that this function does exist with Dell computers in the BIOS. Setting to defaults will most likely disable any settings.

Make sure you do not have any other software installed on your computer that would have this functionality. Also make sure you have a current antivirus solution that is operating and has current virus definitions.



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From: Hank on 01/06/2003
Some systems can "wake up on LAN" or modem or some other event. Go into BIOS, hold DEL or TAB key at boot and see if you have any power wake up settings enabled. If that isn't it, try turning off any power management settings as a test to find out what it is.
Could it be a power glitch?

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