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 Error Executing Startup.Exe on Windows 98 Post a Reply  
From: Joe on 01/04/2003
I hope this doesn't sound too confusing. I have been only able to boot this system (EMachine 466id) from Safe Mode. I have reset the Ram, replaced the hdd, tried rebooting using Windows ME, back to 98, and the system ALWAYS hung sometime during the boot process, except as mentioned in Safe Mode. I finally got my hands on Norton Boot Virus check diskettes (3). It was checking for literally hours and then came up with this error telling me the file was either corrupted or missing. Before going around in circles on the Msn site, I figured I'd try you guys.
May I digress a bit. The following is what actually showed on my screen when running Nortons. This was at least 5 hours into the running. The error occured apparently while scanning the following file: Setup BMP in File C:\NFSDEMO.Zip
Error [35]: General Protection Fault in \NAVDX.OVL at 03E8:040F code 0000 SS=14B8 DS=2118 ES=2118 load base=AB40 AX=0511 BX=80000 CX=7FFD DX=05e7 SP=CAAA BP=CAE4 SI=8001 DI=85EA

After this it asked me to reload the first diskette. When I did, the Error Executing Startup.Exe followed. Thanks for anyone's help.
Lastly, I did try the selective startup and cleared the Autoexec.bat, config.sys etc. and still the system hung except when in Safe.


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From: Mike on 05/17/2004

Here's how I fixed this error.

I noticed after I did the last Norton update I was getting that error.

I uninstalled Norton & re-installed and didn't get the error on the original Norton software.

I then updated with the Norton patch that I had previously downloaded.

I then got the error again.

Logically, I think the latest Norton update either was corrupted or had errors.

I then downloaded a newer Norton update patch from:

and ran it..

This fixed it & I no longer get the error.

This seems to be a bad file or corrupted download.

Hope this helps you too!



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From: Doc on 12/18/2003
After deleting some spyware junk, I seem to be missing, etc. 1 to 3 files, the main one being this startup.ex one. BTW, I have misoplaced my WIN 98..2nd CD..Actually on THIS pc, the OS was intalled when I took delivery. Any EASY way to download and reinstall this file? Maybe also, winservern..and NOW..upon consulting SEARCH..these two do seem to be present (normal or corupted??). HELP!!!

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