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From: Patricia on 01/02/2003
I am having two problems... when I go to pogo... which I played a lot since august 2000 but now as soon as I get to a table and should get cards... I get booted by ....waol has performed an illegal operation and will shut down..... and it does......

other times I get another message... sanf or snaf error... not sure ...

and lastly I sometimes freeze (when trying to fix the above problem) when I delete the adaptor... don't know what to do....

NOTE: do not have the disk anymore.... think that the kids... did something with it...... (by the way.... this is AOL 6.0)

please help.... Thanks in advance... Patricia


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From: Nick on 01/04/2003
Try reinstalling the program, this works for generally 70% of the problems I have. If you cannot find the disk, I would recommend going to wal mart, home depot, etc. They have AOL disks for free.

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From: Computerpilot on 01/02/2003

If you wait a few hours, and AOL v8.0 CDROM will probably appear in your mailbox. AOL has been known for their ability to get everyone a copy of their software.

If it does not show up in your mailbox, I would head down to your local post office. I have yet to visit a post office that did not have a copy of AOL disks somewhere in their office.

Usually, reinstalling AOL will fix most AOL-related error messages.

Hope this helps.



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