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 norton ghost 2001 ver.6 - installation and set up Post a Reply  
From: helen on 12/31/2002
pc, win98 - I need a step by step tutorial of how to get started. I don't seem to get to grips with all the tech. talk of the user manual.

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From: Computerpilot on 01/02/2003

If you do not understand the manual, it is likely that Ghost is not a solution for you. Besides, it is definitely NOT a solution for backups!

You need to step back into something a little more easy. Try burning your 'My Documents' to a CD. This is a good way to start learning how to back up your computer. Windows XP includes a really easy way to do this without software.

Tech support on how to use Ghost is available at cost on Symantec's website.

Good luck.



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