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 Help!! XP is driving me insane!!! Post a Reply  
From: Ryne on 12/29/2002
ok well i just updated my computer to windows xp pro id say about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago and to begin with my cd rw drive didnt work at all and my sound card didnt work either so being the slacker i am i didnt bother to try to fix it at first after about a week or so for some reason my cd rw drive decided it wanted to work but i wasnt so lucky with my sound card its a Creative SB Live! Series (WBM)card so if anyone out there can tell me what i need to do to fix it and how to find it it would be greatly appreciated

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From: Tony on 12/30/2002
XP has a bad problem of assigning IRQs different than your BIOS had.
You need to check the settings and read up on how to change them and or move the cards around to different slots.
XP sucks, this is a true bug, complain.

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