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From: Crash King on 12/29/2002
I am running a MS 6330 lite motherboard, using the on board sound, 128mb ram, 20 gig HDD, NVIDIA TNT2 model64/model 64 pro video card, Windows 98, and a Sony cdr/rw. I have been constantly plagued by Internal System errors. When I download programs from the Internet, such as Adobe Acrobat or Direct X 8.1 and then try to install, I get a corrupt cabinet file error message. Internet explorer will not run indefinitely, sooner or later I get an error, usually in Mshtml.dll or Kernel32.dll. I took the computer back to the company that installed the motherboard, they thought it was the video card so they installed the Nvidia card. This has actually made the problem worse. The only thing that seems to help, is to go into the cmos and disable the sound, but it only cuts down the number of crashes by about 25%. I think the problem may be in the IRQ settings, when the computer first boots up I notice that both the video and sound are using the same IRQ settings as some of the motherboard resources. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you

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