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 Blue screen on start up with V x D VNETBIOS(01) + Post a Reply  
From: Ray on 12/29/2002
V x D VNETBIOS(01) + 00000B8D called from 0028:C023F58B VxD VMM(OC) + 0000058B
press any key to continue etc,
This comes on just after the ME screen flash occures, its a blue screen with all that info on normally any key will continue to normal opperation, sometimes a reboot is nessarcary then the options of Normal, Safemode ,,, are given, which take you to normal opperation again.
How do I get rid of that message, what is going on?
I am aware its something to do with the networking, I have reinstalled ME, (Not formatted though), reinstalled Nortion system works and virus checker,got rid of none essential programs on start up,dont know what to do next and it doing my head in now HELP please, Ray (UK)

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From: Neil A. Tovera on 09/14/2003
I got the error message after reinstalling WinME.
After i Installed the VIDEO DRIVER, error message GONE..
I BELIEVE THIS ERROR OCCURS IF SOME HARDWARE DRIVERS ARE NOT INSTALLED.. Make sure that ALL your hardware drivers are installed after OS installation.

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From: Justin on 05/10/2003
I was walking a customer through fixing Exception " 0E 0028:C06115D in vxd vnetbios(01) 00000B8D " after a clean reinstall of windows ME. What ended up being the problem was cust had their camera pluged in the whole time, it installed a program "intel camera pro" on it's own. Once I uninstalled that issue was resolved.

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From: happy dude on 05/10/2003

Thanks for the advice man. I just was having that ventbios(01) problem and your solution fixed it quickly and easily. Way to go. Not only did your advice help me fix my computer, it also helped me figure out how to get rid of all that junk I didn't want on my taskbar taking up my system resources in the background.



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From: Scott on 04/25/2003
Same issue (showed after a clean reinstall of WinME). Once the network adapter drivers were updated, problem disappeared.

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From: venkat on 03/05/2003
I too had this problem.I just narrate what I did, may help others.
then type
then select selective start up
see the vxdnetbios option
take out the dot mark then---apply
Some information may appear but need not worry.
A reminder come and says that u have selected selective startup and -----etc
Click the box ---not to remind anymore.
Then u can use ur ME.
Different pc different problem may encounter but this system worked for me.
Be Happy

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From: bill on 02/05/2003
have you installed a new network card.. or possibly removed one from your system?

the best cure would be to right click on "network neighborhood"

you will see a list of protocols and clients..

find your network adapter and remove it..

then go to control panel "system properties"
or right click "my computer" and go to hardware/device manager.
find your network card.. then remove it..

shut down windows and then reboot..

if you still have a network adapter in place..
windows should give "found new hardware"
and ask you for a drivers disk..

supply the drivers disk for your network card.. if you don't have one.. perhaps windows will have one for it..

if it cannot be found or downloaded.. then you may want to removed the card..

if this does not cure the problem..
you can always go to add remove programs..
then windows programs..

and uninstall any network file sharing.. and reinstall it if needed

this SHOULD cure the problem..
if it doesn't..
you may try reinstalling windows overtop of itself as a last resort.
or a fresh install.

good luck.

but I'm going to say this is a driver issue.


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From: Aaron on 02/03/2003
I had the same problem. This helped me:

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