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 Fatal Exception OE at 017F:BFF9DFFF Post a Reply  
From: Jerry on 07/15/2002
This error is only occurring when I have the Works Suite 2000 open. For example when I OPen theSpreadsheet pgm and then select a project such as measurement conversions and then click Start the error always occurs. It will also occur with the Database pgm when I select a project and click start. Allother pgms within Works seem to work OK. Pressing any key to continue does not work. I have to manually initiate a sys Restart. I dont use the Works pgm very often so dont know when this problem started. I have not installed any new equipment. I have downloaded some free software recently. Any will will be appreciated.



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From: Mark on 09/02/2002
This same error occurreing in delphi with DataAccess and InterBase Components. I have no solution. The only thing I'm doing is restart windows. Maybe it's depends on databese's and operations making on them. Like Jerry I have no other "importnant" stuff. Thank you Micro?soft!


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