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From: Pontus on 12/28/2002

I have a very peculiar problem that happens irregular and has something to do with my powersupply...My computer suddenly just shuts down as somebody pulled the plug...If I try to restart it just starts the fans and shuts down immidately...If I wait for a while, if Im lucky, it re-boots the computer as it should but shuts it down again after a while...If I replace the power supply unit it works again it works for a few months...The only thing I can figure is that it has to do with my monitor that is like 5 years old all the other stuff is almost brand new or been in a previous computer without causing any similar is not a heat problem I have seen to that thoroughly...

The X-file thing is that I plugged in a previously, which I thought was a faulty power supply, and it started my computer right up without any hassle...

Can it be dust or cat hair that causes the power supply to "overheat" or just mal-function...I have two persian cats...however I do have an PII 350 Mhz just beside my problem computer and it works fine...

Could it be a static discharge problem?

Any ideas that can point me in the right direction is much appreciated...

System...Epox EP-8k7a+ one HD 20 Gb...512 Mb DDR RAM...Hercules Kyro II video card...Soundblaster Live...Two network cards...Cd rarely have any other problems like crashes or shut other words a reasonably stable system when the power supply works...

My computer is under my desk with no immidate walls or any object that may deprive air flow beside it...One side is always open revealing it contents


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From: Jenn on 10/18/2008
Here I thought I was the only one with this problem! my computer will shut down whenever it feels like, and sometimes it takes up to 3 hrs to come back on.. I am stumped really!

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From: Drean on 09/04/2005
i have the same exact problem. i just replaced my power supply and it just randomly restarts on me. i need help! any one please if u have any ideas anything would be appreciated. thanks. my email is crash@

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