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From: jp on 12/27/2002
today i took out my video card (without uninstalling the drivers), just basically popped the card out of the motherboard and put it in a new system. then i took the card out of the new system and put it back in mine and now there is no video whatsoever on screen !!! computer boots up, the fans are running (cpu and video card). i then put the video card back into the other system and it works fine ... I also tried the hardrive into the other system, works fine.

the video card and all cables, etc.. are ALL firmly in place.

i have also cleared the CMOS on the motherboard to no avail.

i have also tried an ati pci video card and same thing, no video at all.. computer does boot though.

my pc specs are :

ECS K7S5A mobo, AMD Athlon 1800 XP,512 MB SDRAM, 17 GB Fugitsu, GEFORCE 2 GTS 32 SDRAM, 32x10x40 LG CDRW, SoundBlaster Live 5.1, WINDOWS XP PRO


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From: joe on 02/06/2003
I recently been having problems when i boot my cpu my monitor
keep flickering then after booting up i have to reset my settings
on monitor like up or down or to much to left or right so anyway
i tought my video could be going bad so i pulled the v/card and
went to purchase an other v/card installed it correctly then boot
up everything is running fine notice no video bootup and hear beeps.
what the hell did i do wrong. please tell me

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From: Jase on 01/03/2003
Make sure you've firmly seated the card in the slot.

Are you putting it back in the same slot number??



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From: Tony on 12/30/2002
Setting for VGA in BIOS? RAM is bad in new MB, are you getting strange beeps at startup? Bad MB ? Can you take it back and have it checked?

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